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She-Wolves-Universal Leaders-Sons Of The Sun

Asia or the Asian continent is located in the east of Europe, west of the Pacific Ocean, north of Oceania and south of the Arctic Ocean, the largest continent of the world in terms of surface area and also the most populous continent in terms of population.

The jobs of people caught in the waves increase in their jobs.. "Shakespeare"
People caught up in the objective rise of revolutions are caught up in the rise of the elite men of the subjective.

Do events determine the character of people?
Otherwise, people determine events.
Both can be true.

Asia's awakening from coma;
Great events and great leaders


sun Yat Sen
1866- 1925
Mahatma gandhi
1869- 1948
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
1870- 1924
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
1881- 1938

I need a pen
I need a notebook
I need a heart and an Asian continent..
Leaders come to life from my pen

On the windy, snowy hills, she-wolves,
As I move one after another
countries in the east of the sun
From West Asia (Turkey)to the River Ganges,
From the Ganges river to the yellow river
When the sun sets with blood
The she-wolf nursed the living and the dead

The sons of the sun are a gift to us people from the sky to the earth.
Sons of the sun;
Female wolves nursed Sun Yat Sen, Mahatma Gandhi, Lenin and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Female wolves never live in captivity. The sons of the sun and the she-wolves
They are the founding fathers and fathers of Turkish, Indian, Chinese and Russian nations.

A wolf can never be tamed.
Asia, whose freedom has been taken away,
He never gave up like wolves.

Don't forget the Indian Amritsar massacre.
1905 the tsar's winter palace massacre of soldiers and the oppressed blood of Asia
Blood is hot at first. Then the cold flows
Wolves do not live in captivity.
She-wolves in the windy, snowy hills,
Moving one after another.
In the falling snow, growing blood of Asia,
The deep wound of the pain of the Asian peoples on your face, the bayonet of the colonialist west in your heart. They don't see how steep the mountains are. The light seeps through the dark cracks. The plains, cities and people are calling you to struggle.

The sons of the sun and the she-wolves
Son of the sun

You're full of great pain like mother China
You are writing and thinking in your native language
Like a mother you got old ahead of time

Chinese civilization
Emperors, tea and silk
China known for gunpowder
Chinese history history of pain
Twenty million in communal taiping revolt
Man lost his life..
Born from the bones and pain of those who died while the Great Wall of China was built with the Tainping Deceased
Sun Yat Sen and his people

Do events determine the character of people?
Otherwise, people determine events.
Both can be true.

Manchu in China. / Quin dynasty
II. In the tenth year of the opium war,
In the 5th year of the reign of Emperor Tongzhi,
33 years before the Boxer uprising
As the solar hydrogen turns into helium,
The first female wolf nursed the sun's first son.
The year 1866.. His name is Sun Yat Sen
The waters of the yellow river swelled once
The last emperor pinyui, cleaning worker of his palace, if there was no revolution emperor
God's shadow on earth would decree like his ancestors

Sun Yat Sen dynasty
With his dirty shoes in his country and in the minds of his people, He didn't let it wander
Wolves do not live in captivity.

再见 -Zaijian (Goodbye)Last goodbye Dr Sun Yat Sen
We bid farewell to Sun Yat Sen's body in 1925.
Not like the end, like the beginning
Poems, novels, sculptures and you will live in our realm of feeling
You fit a history in your half-century life
We loved Sun Yat Seni, independence, republic and freedom

SUN YAT SEN.. Lyrics "."
I am a mule born mule. And I am a servant of my people.

No nation can advance without loss.
The road to modernism is covered in blood.
Revolution is the name of that blood.


Indian Civilization
Rajas maharajah Sikhs, Buddhaism
Sari covering the female body
British India
India you're big and painful like a mother
Like a mother you got old ahead of time
You are writing and thinking in your native language.

As the hydrogen of the sun turns into helium,
The sun's second son was nursed by the second she-wolf.
1869, three years after the birth of Sun Yat Sen,11 years after the 1858 Indian revolt
As the Mughal Mongol reign becomes history
While Indian tea becomes English tea,
1869 Britain will never know about Lord Moyo gandhi, governor general of India
Colonial gods who will know Gandhi
Cobra snake slowly coming out of the basket
From trade to colonial
It will come with cobro slowly coming out of the basket
British Indian East Company (East India Company)

British middle class bourgeoisie and young British soldiers in exotic land
They will convince themselves of how much Sacrifice they have made for Britain.

How would the hindu be persuaded
Gandhi of British lords
In hindu brains with their dirty shoes
He won't be convinced to walk around

Do events determine the character of people?
Otherwise, people determine events.
Both can be true.
The world first heard the name of lawyer Gandhi for his struggle against the aparthead regime and racism. He managed to become Gandhi while being arrested, beaten.

1930 against the British salt tax
Salt Satyagrah.. They walked 400 km
As they walked they got beaten, shot down
They got a prison sentence

A woman wrapped her dead child in yellow
They multiplied as they walked
Increased in imprisonment and deaths
The Ganges River has multiplied like a flood.
British lords stop the Ganges and the human flood..
While holding the death fast for the paryas
freedom of women, ending discrimination of fraternity, caste and immunity between different religious and ethnic groups
Gandhi made Gandhi.

Gandhi lived long enough to see the independence of his country. He became a victim of the violence he fought.
अलविदा- Alavida (Farewell)for the last time goodbye dear Gandhi
We bid farewell to Mahatma Gandhi's body in 1948.
Goodbye Satyagraha dear Gandhi
Not like the end, like the beginning
In poems, novels, sculptures and books
You will live in our minds and hearts, son of the sun
We loved your struggle for human rights.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you. Then you win.
"Don't give anyone the opportunity to wander in your mind with their dirty shoes."
"What does it make for the dead, the orphans and the homeless to do crazy destruction because of totalitarianism or in the name of freedom and democracy? "
There are many lawsuits that I will risk to die for, but there is no trial I will kill for. '' The following will destroy us: unprincipled politics, wealth without work over the conscience, knowledgeable but characterless people, moralless business, and science that has ignored human love., nobody can take away your self-esteem.

Russian nobility, orthodox churches
Balalaika, vodka, wide steps,
The land of the general winter who brought Napoleon and Hitler to his knees

Romanov Dynasty.
Do events determine the character of people?
Otherwise, people determine events.
Both can be true.

Russian Tsar II. In the 15th year of Alexandr's reign,10 years after Chekhov's birth.. Solar hydrogen transformed into helium, the third son of the Sun, the third she-wolf nursed.
Serfdom was abolished 9 years before Lenin was born.
Lenin,17 years old - execution of his beloved brother Alexander Ulyanov, one of the active members of the Narodnaya Volya organization
Lenin is 18 years old - Rimsky-Korsakov composed the symphonic suite "Schresad".

You are writing and thinking in your native language.
Russia you're big and painful like a mother
Like a mother you got old ahead of time

Norodniks, nihilists, anarchists, slav panslavs... The notorious secret police "Ohranka" are all gathered, waiting for the tsar and the tsar in the square.
The Tsar and his wife greet their people with dignity from the royal chariot
Tsar "I am the father of my people, I am the shadow of the god on earth."
Tsar laughs, his face is widening with his teeth
Ohranka agent "sacrifice my life for my mighty tsar"
Panslavist "Long live the tsar, our father."
Anarchist "Must drop a bomb right now."
Nihilist "There is no Tsar and no social order."
Norodnik "The Tsar and everything it symbolizes is the enemy of the people.. Tsar Smile you
Norodniks, slavs, anarchists, in the square

The palace admires its majesty, bourgeois anton, enriched with french loan, in square
His wallet is for the tsar, his mind is for the people

Serfs and peasants in Gogol's dead souls are today's proletariat
Yesterday's land webs, today's machine lords.. Just as the faces of all oppressors are identical in the world, the faces of all oppressed in the world are the same..

Aristocrats dancing, having fun, gambling in their mansions
With children dying in freezing cold outside, you can really be safe.
With the cold, hunger and bread

Class struggle fell like lightning on a 304-year-old tree to Tsarist Russia
Russia has aged like a mother ahead of time.

In 1895 - Lenin was arrested.
In 1898, the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party was established.

Ohranka was arrested a socialist, he returned as ten socialists.
Ohranka shot a socialist, twenty socialists stood before him.
They multiplied as they died, like the waters of the Volga river

Volga Russia's main street
Volga main anger proletarian anger grew stronger. Volga with the intellectual intellectual
Long before ten days that shook the world when the arm strength combined..

It is snowing in front of the 1905 winter palace
On the banners, "God bless our witch, Let the workforce drop in 8 hours, Let the minimum wage be more just"
The activists wanted to petition the tsarist father peacefully. Most of them were women and children perished under the barrage and sword blows of soldiers. The injured people helped each other.
Blood is hot at first, then it always gets cold
The proletarian anger grew even more as the blood of the workers who died on the bloody Sunday was covered with the thin snow falling.
The bread of life did not fit in Russia.
Lightning fell on the 304-year-old dynasty tree. We no longer have a Tsar! We will no longer beg for mercy, we will fight at the barricades! " The most conscious worker women took their places at the barricades that evening.

A czar who says they should not love me, fear me, a people who do not love and fear their own czar. The hate of the people did not end with the death of the czar.

The rulers become unmanageable, the managed ones are not managed as before
His will is the lighthouse spirit of the revolution.

Do events determine the character of people?
Otherwise, people determine events.
How in the French revolution, women
Capet De Bourbon dynasty for bread
If it did, the Russian Women also destroyed the Romanov dynasty.

The bourgeois provisional government on the one hand, the workers' peasant government on the other
He wanted to steal the revolution from the bourgeois people.
The bourgeois sold the revolution with their dirty shoes.
When the people kissed the bourgeois, they saw him turn into a frog, what a disappointment

November is ten days that shook the world
Do events determine the character of people?
Otherwise, people determine events.
With the energy of working class revolt
His subject is himself..
The world's first workers' peasant power
Lenin in Petrograd

Laws that have been forgotten for the people for centuries have been implemented. The equality of woman and man
Workers' right to rest and housing
Electricity for every village. The Revolution achieved them.
Like eating ice cream in winter in Russia

Look at the tombstones..
The Russian people were dying for the tsar, they chose to live. Men and women built the country together. The first female astranot to go into space was a Russian female laborer.

Lenin's neurons used to think fast.
The assassination bullet came out of Lenin's brain fast. His life, which started in Simbirsk, ended in Petrograd.
In 1924, we sent off Lenin to eternity.
You will live in poems, novels, sculptures, son of the sun
Прощай-Proshchay last goodbye
Not like the end, like the beginning
You fit a history into your half-century life.
With the revolution, you have shown that the thick ice floe is breaking
We loved Lenin, the workers' peasant power

Pugachev, who rebelled against the daughter of Pushkin's captain, goes to death.
Pyotr calls out to Andrevic
"You gave me your rabbit fur coat
This could be the beginning. "
If this were a warning to the bourgeoisie and monopolies the whole world
The further you get from the beginning, the harder it will be
You were late at the beginning, I'm afraid then
You will be late at the end.
Like Pyotr Andrevic, when the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, will you give your fur?

"Wherever there are capitalists all over the world, freedom of the press means freedom to buy newspapers, freedom to buy writers, bribery, freedom to buy the opinion of the people and deflect them for the benefit of the bourgeoisie."
"Humanity has not yet developed, and we do not yet know a superior and better form of government than the soviets of the workers, agricultural laborers, peasants, military representatives."
We love our language and our country, and we do our best to raise its working masses to the level of democratic and socialist consciousness. "
"Freedom" is a flamboyant word, but the most brutal wars have taken place under the name of free trade. Under the name of "free work, " those who work like dogs have been stripped. The term "freedom of criticism" has been kneaded by the same hereditary mistake. they would not demand freedom to survive side by side, but instead demand the replacement of the old by the new. "
"The greatest invention of history has been made, a proletarian type of state has been created. No power in the world can destroy the fact that the soviet state has been created. This is a historical victory. For hundreds of years, states have been created according to the bourgeois model and for the first time a non-bourgeois state has been discovered. But the first steam machine invented is also said to be broken. No one even knows if this steam machine is working, but that's not what matters; the important thing is that the steam machine was found. Even assuming that the first steam engine was useless, the concrete fact is that today it has steam engines. Even if our management device is very broken, the fact that it was created does not change.
"One cannot be accused of being born a slave; but a slave who not only escaped from the struggle for freedom, but justified his slavery and praised him, rightly, a despicable parasite who arouses feelings of anger, disgust and hatred, a well-to-do slave.


Your native language is Turkish and you are not writing and thinking in Turkish
You are big and painful like mother Devlet-i Aliyye. You got old ahead of time like Mother. For your children the dynasty,
You are the nation that gives the most balls
The language of the people is Turkish, the language of the palace is different
The people and the rulers were separated from each other by language.
Dynasty Osmanoğulları
Sultan II. In the 5th year of Abdulhamit's reign
Sun Yat Sen is 15 years old
Mahatma Gandhi is 12 years old,
Lenin is 11 years old
As the hydrogen of the sun turns into helium,
The 4th female wolf nursed the sun's 4th son
Do events determine the character of people?
Otherwise, people determine events.
Both can be true.
Midhat pasha was three years old when he was killed in Taif prison
The homeland poet Namık Kemal died 7 years later in Chios.
Young Turk Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
He taught a nation that killed and died for the Sultan to live.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is forbidden in his own country.. Betrayal is heavy weight.
They are not free so that others can be free.
The bourgeois revolution stole from the people
HRemember Schiller's poem on thugs
He sold his youth spirit to religion for money. Then he will cry and search for his soul.
Do not worry, my father, just as mothers did not give up their children, children will not give up their mothers. Just as you have not given up on Turkish children, the Turkish mother, woman and man will not give up. You are the son of the sun, she-wolves nursed you... Wolves do not like captivity.

If a pebble is in your feet and your life is reflected, our way is Atatürk's
The pain that does not kill you strengthens you.
We ignored the mountains with you, as the Haystacks crossed the barbed wire, my soul was there, not my body.
We ignored the sea with you, we had no body in the ship, we had souls
We are on the ship of Bandırma

We ignored the mountains like clouds
We saw from the clouds who was what and who was human from the top.

When a person meets a person, he becomes human.
When a person meets an animal, he becomes an animal.
Animals can be strong. Human thought does not exist with its courage, but also lives and lives.
We became more human with you
We became more women with you.
We became more honorable men with you

If you have mountains, seas and rain, it's in your own country
We have become a country of honor with you.
We were not involved with you, we loved being free citizens with you.

You said it's time to go to us.
You said that my humble body will be soil, of course the republic will live forever.e closed the lighthouse on the cliffs as the revolutionary ship came. He put the revolutionary ship on the cliffs.

I saw a cloud of sadness in Atatürk's blue eyes in the pictures.
The youth that you entrust the republic is not sleeping, only resting your eyes
Dirty shoes run around in our brains again.

1938 year. Goodbye. goodbye for the last time
Not like the end, like the beginning
You fit a history into your half-century life.
You will live in poems, novels, sculptures, son of the sun

Your body is Ankara, your soul is the universe
History struggles with the dead and the living
We loved living with you.
We loved secularism, republic, nationalism, populism, fascism and revolutions with you.
We loved it with our minds and hearts.


I, like some, do not accept that this task can be done by gradually accustoming the people and the ulama to see and think to the extent of my opinion, and my spirit rebelled against such action. Why should I go down to the public level after I have studied social and civilized life with so many years of higher education? I take them to my level. I do not like them, let them be like me; There are also some points worth examining on this subject; It would be a mistake if we started to work before we decided on them.
"If one day what I said contradict science, choose science"
"I, as a spiritual heritage, leave no verses, no dogmas, no frozen and stereotyped rules. My spiritual heritage is science and reason."
"Freedom and independence are my characteristics. "
"However, war is a murder unless the life of the nation is in danger."

The huts took the palaces.
It's sunny, wolves running one after the other
The faces of Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Indian mothers are laughing Imperialist fathers will not be able to take away the children of Asian mothers
A new world is being established.
Takes its place in Asia

Heart must stay heart, like Asia
Asia from the untouched, luminous snow of the Himalyas to the first rising sun of West Asia
To the she-wolves and the sons of the sun

November 10,2020
Bulent Karaalioglu
Topic(s) of this poem: leaders
Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Hindu

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