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Greed Is Out - Poem by Hebert Logerie

Greed Is Out

Greed is out,
Yes, yes, let’s shout,
Again and again:
Greed is out.
Let’s spout, let’s shout!
Realized pain
And unrealized gain
Are not taxable.
Political contributions
Are not deductible.
No stock options!
The Stock Market
Lost its jacket
And its pants.
Common sense
Must prevail.
No bail, no bail,
For the crooked billionaire;
It is just, it is fair
To lock him up
‘Cause he is at the very top
Of the super-kleptomaniac list.
He is a mad genius;
He killed telepathically,
And he loved fame and money.
What a disgrace!
What a dishonest face!
No bail, no bail,
For such a whale!
Stock him in jail,
Squish him in hell,
Greed is out,
Let’s spout, let’s shout!

Copyright© March 2009, Hebert Logerie, All Rights Reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of two poetry books:
“Sparkles of Love and Etincelles de l’Amour”
Hébert Logerie is the author of “Mounts And Valleys of Love”
https: // bookid=58359

Comments about Greed Is Out by Hebert Logerie

  • Dr Tony Brahmin 8/5/2018 9:45:00 AM

    it is fair
    To lock him up
    ‘Cause he is at the very top
    Of the super-kleptomaniac list.
    He is a mad genius;
    He killed telepathically,
    And he loved fame and money. human situations, corrupt politicians, crooked thinking....... we see all and understand it all but unable to react........ thank u dear poet for this poem. tony

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  • Dr Dillip K Swain 5/9/2018 6:10:00 AM

    No bail, no bail,
    For such a whale!
    Stock him in jail,
    Squish him in,
    Greed is out,
    Let’s spout, let’s shout! ....A brilliant poem Herbert! (10)

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    4 person did not like.
  • Jessie Bernabe Cadsawan 9/14/2009 6:25:00 PM

    Bravo! A brave exposure of the crocodiles A very nice to read poems. I rated you 10, not only of the thought but of how it was written. Sometimes a poem is read because of how it was written, it becomes interesting! Keep on. Reply

    12 person liked.
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  • Justin Greene 9/8/2009 10:22:00 PM

    great work, full of true info, thanks ^_^ Reply

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  • Narender Singh Bansal 9/6/2009 9:53:00 AM

    Nice Expressions with a right target Reply

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  • Louis Rams 9/2/2009 5:54:00 PM

    you hit the nail on the head, and he has to toss and turn while in his bed.
    his greed cost suffering and pain, and his clients will never be the same.

    a double ten

    4 person liked.
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  • Jessie Bernabe Cadsawan 8/27/2009 3:39:00 AM

    Very nice poem, this must be posted on editorials as an inser dedicated to the crocodiles of all corrupt countries... bravo! Reply

    3 person liked.
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  • Piccola Topo Gigio 8/21/2009 4:48:00 PM

    I just LOVE the sound of this! Both the message as the rhymes in which it has been made.. : -) Reply

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  • Shilesha Johnson 8/20/2009 3:40:00 PM

    i love this poem... greed.. a sin everyone falls into at some point in their life.. greatly written 10! ! Reply

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  • Deborah Cromer 8/20/2009 2:56:00 PM

    In giving and sharing unselfishly do we find true treasures. :) Nice way of writing out what is not wanted or needed to be rich. DC Reply

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    The man whose riches satisfy his greed Is not more rich for all those heaps and hoards Than some poor man who has enough to feed And clothe his corpse with such as God affords. I have no use for men who steal and cheat; The fruit of evil poisons those who eat. Some wicked men are rich, some good men poor, But I would rather trust in what's secure; Our virtue sticks with us and makes us strong, But money changes owners all day long.

  2. Greed...Of Death exist Through sake of chance ......Some odd result Of happenstance Or is...what is ...Supposed to be... Ordained precise ......By destiny * * * * Must then...we live ..To...simply die From greed of death ..For want...of why

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    Spat out of the mouth of Satan Comes forth a needy demon With desires exploding Out of proportion On the souls of selfish Victims His ambitions forgets good morals Hunger fuel in rage Passion burns insane His thirst should be quench Craving fed, yeaning comforted Give him more, give him more! His hunger is driving him insane His thirst must always be quench! Yearnings well comforted! Give him more! give him more Even if he takes his victims to hell His hunger will never be fed! .....August 3rd 2009 All rights Mister Eyan Desir.....

  4. Greed

    I dream a scene Where a baby falls asleep Having sucked a pair of breasts Resembling two pomegranates weighing ten kg. I desire a blue sky Which is not adulterated By vulture-like coquettishly killing planes. And, o my Love, I bear the inborn greed To stare at you in the open corridor of life By sitting thousand years together.