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Robert Browning
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The son of Robert Browning, a Bank of England clerk, and Sarah Anna Wiedemann, of Scottish-German descent, Browning received little formal education. His learning was gleaned mainly from his Father's library at home in Camberwell, South London, where he learnt something, with his Father's help, of Latin and Greek and also read Shelly, Byron and Keats. Though he attended lectures at the University of London in 1828, Browning left after only one session.

Apart from a visit to St Petersburg in 1834 and two visits to Italy in 1838 and 1844, Browning lived with his parents in London until his marriage of 1846. It was during this period that most of the plays and the earlier poems were ... more »

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Robert Browning Quotations

  • ''You called me, and I came home to your heart.''
    Robert Browning (1812-1889), British poet. Andrea del Sarto (l. 171). . . Oxford Anthology of English Literature, The, Vols. I-II. Frank Kermode a...
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  • Michael Walker (9/7/2019 8:34:00 PM)

    I endorse my own opinion below. Browning never goes out of date. His love poems, lyrics, and dramatic monologues speak to me today.

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Best Poem of Robert Browning

A Pretty Woman


That fawn-skin-dappled hair of hers,
And the blue eye
Dear and dewy,
And that infantine fresh air of hers!


To think men cannot take you, Sweet,
And enfold you,
Ay, and hold you,
And so keep you what they make you, Sweet!


You like us for a glance, you know- -
For a word's sake
Or a sword's sake,
All's the same, whate'er the chance, you know.


And in turn we make you ours, we say- -
You and youth too,
Eyes and mouth too,
All the face composed of ...

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