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I Believe - Poem by Sienna Harlequinn

I believe that the sun shines after the rain
I believe if you don't get hurt you'll never gain
I believe in not doing things the easy way
I believe that being selfish doesn’t pay

I believe in a second chance
I believe in a life long romance
I believe there is life after death
And standing up to a life of mess

I believe in love at first sight
I believe that revenge isn’t right
I believe that first impressions last
And there is nothing better then a good laugh

I believe that dreams do come true
I believe there's destiny for me and you
I believe that good things come to those who wait
I believe love never arrives too late

I believe something good comes from something bad
I believe that for tears of happiness there are tears of sad
I believe everyone has a guardian angel
And the good you do will be rewarded well

I believe sometimes there is no explanation
I believe money can't buy people's affection
I believe you don't know what you've got until it's gone
I believe a new day arrives with every dawn

I believe a smile can be contagious
I believe in being very outrageous
I believe in living with no regrets
I believe that life is as good as it gets

I believe that God watches over us
I believe the little things are worth the fuss
I believe you have each friend for a reason
I believe you will get punished for treason

I believe that what comes first is family
I believe we should all live in harmony
I believe in making the most of a beautiful day
And it's not the end until everything's okay

I believe absence makes the heart grow fonder
I believe you will lose if you sit and wonder
I believe every experience teaches you a lesson
And nothing cures better then a drinking session

I believe everyone has one true love
I believe sometimes we need a little shove
I believe the whole world is a stage
I believe we only get better with age

I believe that to learn you have to live
I believe that to love someone you have to give
I believe one moment can change your life
And there's still help when you’re in strife

I believe everyone has one true friend
I believe love helps a broken heart mend
I believe in the power of a song
And things will change before too long

I believe living is the best experience
I believe in not laughing at other people’s expense
I believe it’s hard to watch a lover leave
And when they’re gone all you can do is breath

I believe to always look on the bright side
I believe that life is just one big ride
I believe when I die people will grieve
But it’s ok because I believe

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  • Milena 8/13/2019 7:05:00 AM

    What is the ISBN number of this poem Reply

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  • kendall 5/31/2019 2:01:00 PM is boring Reply

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  • im not doing weLLL?????????? 2/28/2019 12:24:00 AM

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  • Parameswaran Nair Damodaran Nair 12/14/2018 5:24:00 AM

    I believe it’s hard to watch a lover leave
    And when they’re gone all you can do is breath. A reality. Thank you

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  • Professor ××××× 12/6/2018 3:34:00 AM

    Its give me A on grades Reply

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  • Kathleen Martin 9/20/2018 12:36:00 PM

    Love it..I could not have said it better! Reply

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  • hammie 9/18/2018 1:31:00 PM

    that is such a good poem Reply

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  • M Ibrahim Ali 5/12/2018 1:53:00 PM

    Add a comm An amazing masterpiece. Reply

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  • Emily page 5/9/2018 4:56:00 PM

    This is so good that I cried. But in a good way🙂 Reply

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  • liane corbin 2/26/2018 5:15:00 AM

    I love this poem😊 Reply

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    You don't believe -- I won't attempt to make ye: You are asleep -- I won't attempt to wake ye. Sleep on! sleep on! while in your pleasant dreams Of Reason you may drink of Life's clear streams. Reason and Newton, they are quite two things; For so the swallow and the sparrow sings. Reason says `Miracle': Newton says `Doubt.' Aye! that's the way to make all Nature out. `Doubt, doubt, and don't believe without experiment': That is the very thing that Jesus meant, When He said `Only believe! believe and try! Try, try, and never mind the reason why!'

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    Believe me, if all those endearing young charms, Which I gaze on so fondly to-day, Were to change by to-morrow, and fleet in my arms, Live fairy-gifts fading away, Thou wouldst still be adored, as this moment thou art, Let thy loveliness fade as it will, And around the dear ruin each wish of my heart Would entwine itself verdantly still. It is not while beauty and youth are thine own, And thy cheeks unprofaned by a tear, That the fervor and faith of a soul may be known, To which time will but make thee more dear! No, the heart that has truly loved never forgets, But as truly loves on to the close, As the sunflower turns on her god when he sets The same look which she turned when he rose!

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    Who will believe my verse in time to come If it were filled with your most high deserts? Though yet heaven knows it is but as a tomb Which hides your life, and shows not half your parts: If I could write the beauty of your eyes, And in fresh numbers number all your graces, The age to come would say, "This poet lies, Such heavenly touches ne'er touched earthly faces." So should my papers, yellowed with their age, Be scorned like old men of less truth than tongue, And your true rights be termed a poet's rage, And stretchèd metre of an antique song. But were some child of yours alive that time, You should live twice, in it and in my rhyme.

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    When I wake up every morn, Its with the awe of jus being alive and being with you, To reach out for that specialness, Which the almighty has bestowed upon me, And rouse those around me to the potential of each new morn. I am not afraid to admit, That often, I am less than perfect. Life is nothing but trial and error, I believe in my heart And my powers, That something great is about to happen. This keeps the sun - all time shining, and the Rainbows that we built together. With every breath that I take, Mystery lies deep within. Your voice resonating, Like seagulls on the shore. Your wavy essence washes over me, Flooding me with emotions. Tosses me into that special place- I long to be. You are the diamonds of my night sky, You are the sparkling crystals of grainy dust, in the desert of my solitude. Your serene face draws me to tranquility, That’s where I long to belong for eternity. Yes I believe in miracles, All my avenues and possibilities are open., And look with hope to the horizon of today, For Today is truly all that I really have. For the morrow I cannot say. 26-07-2008