Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Wolf And The Butterfly

Once there was a wolf who had decided there were no other wolves in all of the world for him,
A world that couldn't understand what he desired, all that he had wanted,
Imaging what was a perfect world and that he was the only one and what he imagined was just a film,
Who through the facade of love was always confused, disheartened, and haunted,
Until one day a beautiful butterfly landed near him during the bright daylight hours,
He cocked his head as a shower of glowing effervescence blinded him and the butterfly stared,
How could this big mean wolf be so enchanted and at this moment a coward,
To the beauty of this butterfly and what was it trying to relay across the wolf's flowing hair,
You see the butterfly wanted to show the wolf there was another way, a way of love,
But the wolf was stubborn and didn't want love from such beauty as he perceived it to be followed by pain,
There is no covering the sheer beauty of a full colored butterfly glowing in the day like a white dove,
And it's promises of beauty, true love, and soul mates from a day where it cannot ever rain,
You see the wolf wanted a true love who could pair with him and be true and roam with his self,
And the butterfly loved but wanted to fly away to lands over mountains and streams,
A love that the wolf could not understand as the butterfly could love others so what was left,
Communicating the wolf tried to tell the butterfly there are other ways to travel or so it seems,
Yet the butterfly thought it could love the way it existed by just being there for the wolf at certain times,
This was not what the wolf truly wanted and through all of its beauty the butterfly could not comprehend,
Two blinding colliding sparks of energy from beings who felt the tingling that affects the spine,
Not realizing that something like this would take considerable amount of effort and a lot of bend,
For the butterfly kept flying away but would always come back as the wolf stayed in territory,
Until one day the wolf disappeared and no amount of flight could locate this majestic being,
"Where are you" the Butterfly whispered and panicked thinking "this was all for a bigger story",
But the wolf had grown weary and had trudged on with confusion and a different way of seeing,
What it would take to keep the butterfly and wolf together for eternity and with small fury,
So they sadly lost each other both loving in their own ways and could never find each other again,
The flames of love being extinguished by the coming storms,
For it is hard to share a beauty of love when the animals share a different thought of when,
What it takes to keep the love going, the soul mates together and what it should form,
The wolf stares over the mountain edge as the butterfly flutters and shimmers in the sunlight to another destination.
Derick Stinson
Topic(s) of this poem: wolf,soul mates,butterflies,butterfly,love,soul mate

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