Rajaram Ramachandran

Tirukkural Chapter 103 - Couplets 7,8,9,10

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL
அதிகாரம் 103 - குடிசெயல் வகை
103/07. அமரகத்து வன்கண்ணர் போலத் தமரகத்தும்
ஆற்றுவார் மேற்றே பொறை.

103/07. Just like in the war field victory is
On the shoulders of brave warriors,
In a family the burden will be
On the efficient head of that family.
Abhay: Unless the head of the family
is efficient, it will be difficult
to run the family smoothly.

Naresh: Like how brave soldiers fight
Violently in the war front,
A head of a family also must
Work hard in his family's interest.

Be a bold soldier in war field.
Be a bold head in domestic field.
This is what the poet says,
To tackle problems in easy ways.

"A coward dies many a times
A brave man dies once."
This proverb says "Be brave, "
As one, in many ways, it'll save."
103/08. குடிசெய்வார்க்கு இல்லை பருவம்; மடிசெய்து
மனங் கருதக் கெடும்.

103/08. For the head of a family there is no fixed time for any action. If he feels lazy or shy of working, it is the family that suffers.
Abhay: Yes, as a head of a family, he must work like a bull.
If he relaxes the family will suffer.

Naresh: There is no rest for him,
Also there is no fixed time,
As he works day and night sometime,
Otherwise, he'll face hard time.

To work, if he feels lazy,
Or feels shy, taking things easy,
It is the family that suffers
With all unending troubles.

But a head of the family,
Bears his pains easily,
For the welfare of members
Who are his dependants.
103/09. இடும்பைக்கே கொள்கலம் கொல்லோ குடும்பத்தைக்
குற்றம் மறைப்பான் உடம்பு?

103/09. Idumbaikke kollkalam kollo kudumbaththaik
Kutrram marraippaan udambu?

103/09. A family head member, who protects his family from troubles, is he a pot filled with all kind of troubles? It appears like that.
Abhay: "I'm having family troubles, "
It is no wonder, if every family's head says.

Naresh: Troubles for a family's head
It is a kind of head load,
He has to carry on his head,
Once he became its head.

With all patience he suffers,
All kind of painful troubles,
Willingly for the welfare
Of his family forever.

Is he a pot of troubles?
Like that the poet compares,
On seeing his miserable plight,
Suffering day and night.
103/10. இடுக்கண்கால் கொன்றிட வீழும் அடுத்தூன்றும்
நல்லாள் இலாத குடி.

103/10. Idukkannkaal konrrida veezhum aduththoonrrum
Nallaall ilaadha kudi.

103/10. When a hardship comes, if one is not capable of managing it immediately, then the family falls down with broken legs.
Abhay: If the head of a family can't manage a trouble
it is the family that feels helplessness.

Naresh: There is no family without troubles.
It is the duty of its head to tackle
And solve those problems
Without inviting any harm.

If one's legs are broken,
He's likely to fall down,
So also suffers his family,
When he bears troubles silently.

One cannot be weak person
But must be a strong man,
To bring up his good family
With all his efforts successfully.

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