William Carlos Williams

William Carlos Williams
New Jersey
an American poet closely associated with modernism and Imagism. He was also a pediatrician and general practitioner of medicine, having graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Williams "worked harder at being a writer than he did at being a physician"; but during his lifetime, Williams excelled at both.


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Popular Poems
This Is Just To Say
I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox
The Red Wheelbarrow
so much depends

a red wheel
A Sort Of A Song
Let the snake wait under
his weed
and the writing
be of words, slow and quick, sharp
"Libertad! Igualdad! Fraternidad!"
You sullen pig of a man
you force me into the mud
with your stinking ash-cart!
Snow falls:
years of anger following
hours that float idly down --
the blizzard
Popular Quotes
11 November 2014
Poe gives the sense for the first time in America, that literature is serious, not a matter of courtesy but of truth.
11 November 2014
Afraid lest he be caught up in a net of words, tripped up, bewildered and so defeated—thrown aside—a man hesitates to write down his innermost convictions.
11 November 2014
The pure products of America go crazy—mountain folk from Kentucky or the ribbed north end of Jersey with its isolate lakes and valleys, its deaf-mutes, thieves.


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Sylvia Frances Chan 22 February 2021
My greatest compliments to these USA poets! I like them both very much! Included EBB and Erica Jong
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Sylvia Frances Chan 22 February 2021
Marianne Moore, another skeptic of traditional poetic forms, wrote Williams had used 'plain American which cats and dogs can read, ' with distinctly American idioms.BOTH are the great poets from the USA
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Valerie 05 October 2020
Hiii I am Valerie. I am 14 years old. I love poems.I don't like taking the trash out.I was first inspired by Valerie Worth.Then I started reading William Carlos Williams. I like both poets. When I was 5 years old I was what taught about poems and poetry. I loved it then I wanted to Listen to more.When I was 10 years old I was in the 3rd grade.I was not taught how to do poetry. I was mad and then I got up and told the teacher to do poetry. she said NO!
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Valerie 05 October 2020
yasss u always inspire me wow get it and inspire more! ! !
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Caroline 01 March 2020
Your amazing
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I love the poems you wrote like the red wheel Barrow
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Andrea Hatcher 18 December 2011
Where is 'The Ivy Crown'?
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Rosa Jamali 01 June 2008
How fascinating is the way images capture your mind, like a painting, a journey through the images...
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William Carlos Williams in his poem: 'A Sort of a Song' gives us a real 'ARS POETICA'.A motto for all of us: 'and the writing be of words' and an ideal: 'Compose. (No ideas but in things) Invent! '
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