Quotations From Famous People
Monogamy and prostitution go together.
"An Eminent Editor" Of Press Baron
The only reason I might go to the funeral is to make absolutely sure that he's dead.
00wolf Syring
Safty first.... cus your ass is next
"Jennie June" Croly
We have ourselves to answer for.
Evil passions and evil inclinations are much more dangerous than evil books. The sensualist will extract poison from the purest page, the modest can blush without being corrupted.
1 Pratikshya Sedhain
Life is not about reading history, it's about creating one worth reading.
[H.H. (Hector Hugh) Munro] Saki
He spends his life explaining from his pulpit that the glory of Christianity consists in the fact that though it is not true it has been found necessary to invent it.
0s1 Silver
Fear is created by your mind, use your heart to overcome it.
143NinZ Lee
'Forever is just a word but for the people who knows how to appreciate that simple word, there will be forever.'
[The ladies] must be aware that a great evil cannot for a long time, predominate, without, at least, their connivance. Silence is often as effectual an advocate in a cause as eloquence.
Never close your lips for those, to whom you have opened your heart ♥
New Quotes
Jk M
You are an island and I am the sea, I am too deep.
Jk M
What is heaviest but weighs nothing at all?
Colette Dright
In life, people always say, you gotta be ready. With God's favor, I'm always ready!
Gibran Ibrahim
Words are thunder and lightning. Words are that tender mother that will forever keep her child safe and happy in the midst of thunder and lightning.
Stephen Loomes
Your readers might be interested to know where Jim got the words, not to touch the earth, not to see the sun; you will find it in Frazer 's The Golden Bough, paperback, Macmillan Papermac P54, at chapter 9, and the words refer to human deities being carried always so as not to touch the earth, and not being able to be outside, not to sese the sun. Now as for Waiting for the Sun, Jim picked that up from the Popul Vuh, the sacred book of the Quiche Maya, English version by Delia Goetz and Sylvanus G Morley, University of Oklahoma Press. Whereas T.S. Elliot put the Wasteland out with all the literary references at the back to impress the uninitiated, Morrison, in modesty left it to the reader's intelligence to figure his work out, at whatever level gave them meaning. He was indeed a voracious and eclectic reader. This information would enlighten some of the academic theses being written about his work which to date only scratch the surface.
Paolo TMs
Form that we sense is perceived and created by our senses alone, therefore the forms are limited by such.
Top 500 Member Quotes
Tulsi Shrestha
No proof can be presented in relation to beliefs associated with intangible things. @Tulsi
Tulsi Shrestha
Here, you are rewarded for speaking false and punished for delivering truth. You have to pay price for speaking truth if it is against ruling party and established religious norms and values. By Tulsi Shrestha @copyright reserved
Tulsi Shrestha
Without presenting yourself as a controversial figure, you can't draw attention of people. @Tulsi
Tulsi Shrestha
The chaotic movement launched by freedom fighters and anarchists with the established concept of 'Freedom is Goodness 'might ends up sometimes even worse than before due to lack of co-ordination and proper leadership. By Tulsi Shrestha @copyright reserved
Tulsi Shrestha
No proof can be presented in relation to beliefs associated with intangible things. @Tulsi
Tulsi Shrestha
Those who were exploited, best known how to exploit. When they gain power and money, they forget pain of sufferings and indulge themselves in exploitation. Nature of human beings is really amazing and weird. @Tulsi
Top 500 Classic Quotes
Oscar Milosz
To some extent, I have only lived to have something to outlive. By confiding these futile remembrances to paper, I am conscious of accomplishing the most important act of my life. I was predestined to Memory.
Oscar Milosz
It happened that sometimes I kissed in mirrors the reflection of my face; since the hands, face and tears of Annalena had caressed it, my face seemed suffused to me divinely beautiful and as if suffused with heavenly sweetness.
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
“Within tears, find hidden laughter Seek treasures amid ruins, sincere one. ”
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
“God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites so that you will have two wings to fly, not one”
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
“When you feel a peaceful joy, thats when you are near truth.”

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