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A Smile To Remember - Poem by Charles Bukowski

we had goldfish and they circled around and around
in the bowl on the table near the heavy drapes
covering the picture window and
my mother, always smiling, wanting us all
to be happy, told me, 'be happy Henry!'
and she was right: it's better to be happy if you
but my father continued to beat her and me several times a week while
raging inside his 6-foot-two frame because he couldn't
understand what was attacking him from within.

my mother, poor fish,
wanting to be happy, beaten two or three times a
week, telling me to be happy: 'Henry, smile!
why don't you ever smile?'

and then she would smile, to show me how, and it was the
saddest smile I ever saw

one day the goldfish died, all five of them,
they floated on the water, on their sides, their
eyes still open,
and when my father got home he threw them to the cat
there on the kitchen floor and we watched as my mother

Comments about A Smile To Remember by Charles Bukowski

  • Juliet L Languedoc 7/16/2020 8:53:00 PM

    This is profoundly done - love with unfolding beauty of true love. Reply

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  • ASmileToRemember 4/29/2020 11:51:00 AM

    https: //.youtube/watch? v=nfX7zDjJJH4 Reply

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  • J.B. Eliot 10/7/2019 4:36:00 PM

    He's a good cautionary tale of what domestic violence in the house does to a childs psyche. Perhaps happiness to him felt like a contrivance too often because he saw his mom pull it over any tragedy like setting drapes in front of a window with a large mushroom cloud in the distance. Reply

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  • naftuli 9/15/2019 2:12:00 PM

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  • Adeeb Alfateh 6/16/2019 1:48:00 AM

    my mother, poor fish,
    wanting to be happy, beaten two or three times a
    week, telling me to be happy: 'Henry, smile!
    why don't you ever smile? '

    great 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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  • Bernard F. Asuncion 4/5/2019 12:34:00 AM

    A touching poem full of emotion........ Reply

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  • new zealand man 3/20/2019 6:06:00 PM

    man made out of vodka and cigarettes Reply

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  • Someone stranger 3/13/2019 3:33:00 PM

    Happiness is something everybody wants to get but not everyone certainly reach it Reply

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  • Vavroovahana Patra 1/15/2019 5:55:00 AM

    Penned melancholically Reply

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  • Osman Shato Mbindi 11/15/2018 12:25:00 AM

    Happiness is the innermost precious emotion that is rarely piece Charles Reply

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  1. You Smile Upon Your Friend To-Day

    You smile upon your friend to-day, To-day his ills are over; You hearken to the lover's say, And happy is the lover. 'Tis late to hearken, late to smile, But better late than never; I shall have lived a little while Before I die for ever.

  2. A Smile

    A smile is a frown turned upside down. A smile is painted on the face of a clown. A smile brightens a dreary day. A smile chases tears away. A smile is a gift that shows you care. A smile is priceless no matter where. A smile is the key to happiness. A smile a sure sign of success. When you feel lonely in a strange place. It helps to see a smile on another's face. If there is any real magic around. It is the silent magic of a smile's sound. (02MAR86)

  3. Smile At Me

    Can't you just smile back at me When I send a smile to you, Why is it that your lips are tight And seem so frosty blue, Can't you let your mouth just raise Both sides a little bit, Or is it that my face just doesn't, In your mind, quite fit. If you would smile, your face would be A very handsome one, And I believe that you and I Could have a lot of fun, But until you give a welcome grin, There's nothing I can do, Except, when you look across at me, I'll keep smiling back at you. © Ernestine Northover

  4. Hold You In My Smile

    Sweet moment, stay with me, and pray do not flee so soon, Let me enjoy the bliss of that first kiss beneath the moon. I wish to cradle this feeling, that has only just been found, A feeling that has unexpectedly turned my world around. Do not depart, Oh please remain within my heart awhile, So that I can savour you once more, and hold you in my smile.