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World Peace - Poem by Mac Araromi

When I cast a look around the world,
I marvel at what I see and hear.
Why, I ponder , is the world at war?
Why, I lament, should the world know no peace?
You world Powers! Put your ammunition in its arsenal.
Enough of nuclear wars, enough of threats of war.
The Lilliputian Third World walking under your Gangatuan feet,
Was created by God just as God created you.
Your duty, it is to help it outgrow its groping stage.
There should be no re-occurrence of the war in Vietnam,
No more fracas in Surinam,
No repeat performance of the Soweto imbroglio.
Rwanda should not be put asunder.
Enough of the Somalia saga.
Ethiopia and Liberia experience we want no more.
Let peace reign in Bosnia Herzegovina.
'No' to war I say, 'Yes' to peace I maintain.
War does no good to anyone.
War kills, war maims, war annihilates.
Turmoil and tribulation all characterize war.
Famine and deprivation are all babies of war.
Wars tear families apart, refugees abound everywhere.
Many are rendered homeless, a lot become hopeless.
Causalities of war in the scenes of ravage and wreck,
Letter the ground in their hundreds and thousands.
Let's have a new world order.
Let's make peace our watchword.
Let peace reign supreme in the world.
Peace brings joy; peace puts the mind at rest.
The world must embrace peace, not war.
The world must live, in peace, not in pieces.
'No' to war I say, 'Yes' to peace I maintain.

Comments about World Peace by Mac Araromi

  • philip 9/1/2018 1:19:00 PM

    good piece Reply

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  • Vijay Gupta 5/10/2009 8:51:00 AM

    Respected friend,
    Send your five selected poems for our international journal soon.
    “Poetry for world peace”
    Under the guidance of our “international society for world peace” headed by Dr. Devendra Singh, renowned historian of India.
    Theme of the poems: -
    1. We want peace not war.
    2. We are against poverty.
    3. Fight against pollution.
    Your friend,
    Vijay Kumar Gupta (India)
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  1. War And Peace

    "This war is a terrible thing," he said, "With its countless numbers of needless dead; A futile warfare it seems to me, Fought for no principle I can see. Alas, that thousands of hearts should bleed For naught but a tyrant's boundless greed!" * * * * Said the wholesale grocer, in righteous mood, As he went to adulterate salable food. Spake as follows the merchant king: "Isn't this war a disgusting thing? Heartless, cruel, and useless, too; It doesn't seem that it can be true. Think of the misery, want and fear! We ought to be grateful we've no war here. * * * * "Six a week"--to a girl--"That's flat! I can get a thousand to work for that."

  2. Sonnet To Peace Of Mind

    Sweet Peace! ah, lead me from the thorny dale, Where desolate my wand'ring steps have fled; Far from the sunny paths which others tread, While youth enlivens, and while joys prevail. Then I no more shall vanished hopes bewail, No more the fruitless tear shall love to shed, When pensive eve her cherish'd gloom has spread, And day's bright tints, like my short pleasures, fail! Yet lead me not where blooms the glowing rose, But lead me where the cypress branches wave; Thou hast a shelt'ring cell for cureless woes, A home of refuge, where no tempests rave; There would my weary heart in youth repose, Beneath the turf that shrouds an early grave.

  3. Peace! What Do Tears Avail?

    PEACE! what do tears avail? She lies all dumb and pale, And from her eye The spirit of lovely life is fading, And she must die! Why looks the lover wroth? the friend upbraiding? Reply, reply! Hath she not dwelt too long ’Midst pain, and grief, and wrong? Then, why not die? Why suffer again her doom of sorrow, And hopeless lie? Why nurse the trembling dream until to-morrow? Reply, reply! Death! Take her to thine arms, In all her stainless charms, And with her fly To heavenly haunts, where, clad in brightness, The Angels lie. Wilt bear her there, O Death! in all her whiteness? Reply, reply!

  4. Peace, Blessed Peace

    Here in the flamin' thick of thick of things, With Death across the way, 'n' traps What little Fritz the German flings Explodin' in yer lunch pe'aps, It ain't all glory for a bloke', It ain't all corfee 'ot and stoo, Nor wavin' banners in the smoke, Or practisin' the bay'net stroke— We has our little troubles, too! Here's Trigger Ribb bin seein' red 'N' raisin' Cain because he had, Back in the caverns iv his 'ead, A 'oller tooth run ravin' mad. Pore Trigger up 'n' down the trench Was jiggin' like a blithered loan, 'N' every time she give a wrench You orter seen the beggar blench, You orter 'eard him play a toon. The sullen shells was pawin' blind, A-feelin' for us grim as sin, While now 'n' then we'd likely find A dizzy bomb come limpin' in. But Trigger simply let 'er sizz. He 'ardly begged to be excused. This was no damn concern of his. He twined a muffler round his phiz, 'N' fearful was the words he used. Lest we be getting' cock-a-whoop Ole 'Ans tries out his box of tricks. His bullets all around the coop Is peckin' like a million chicks. But Trigger when they barks his snout Don't sniff at it. He won't confess They're on the earth—ignores the clout, 'N' makes the same old sung about His brimmin' mug of bitterness. They raided us there in the mud One day afore the dead sun rose. Me oath, the mess of stuff and blood Would give a slaughterman the joes! And when the scrap is past and done, Where's Trigger Ribb? The noble youth Has got his bay'net in a Hun, While down his cheeks the salt tears run. Sez he to me “Gorbli'—this tooth!” A shell hoist Trigger in a tree. We found him motherin' his jor. “If this ache's goin' on,” sez he, “So 'elp me, it'll spoil the war!” Five collared Trigger on his perch, They wired his molar to a bough, Then give the anguished one a lurch, 'N' down he pitches. From that birch His riddled tooth is hangin' now. This afternoon it's merry 'ell; Grenades is comin' by the peck; A big gun times us true 'n well, And, oh! we gets it in the neck. They lick out flames hat reach a mile, The drip of lead will never cease. But Trigger's pottin' all the while; He sports a fond 'n' foolish smile- “Thank Gord,” he sez, “a bit of peace!”