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The Woodman And The Money Hunter - Poem by George Moses Horton

Throughout our rambles much we find;
The bee trees burst with honey;
Wild birds we tame of every kind,
At once they seem to be resign'd;
I know but one that lags behind,
There's nothing lags but money.

The woods afford us much supply,
The opossum, coon, and coney;
They all are tame and venture nigh,
Regardless of the public eye,
I know but one among them shy,
There's nothing shy but money.

And she lies in the bankrupt shade;
The cunning fox is funny;
When thus the public debts are paid,
Deceitful cash is not afraid,
Where funds are hid for private trade,
There's nothing paid but money.

Then let us roam the woods along,
And drive the coon and coney;
Our lead is good, our powder strong,
To shoot the pigeons as they throng,
But sing no more the idle song,
Nor prowl the chase for money.

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  • Brian Jani 6/6/2014 9:46:00 AM

    Nice one George you nailed it Reply

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Money Poems

  1. Money

    Money is survival Money is nice to have but if your not careful it can become your God without you realizing money is loaned to us, just has your life is loaned.

  2. Love The Money

    Money Is not money... It is life.... Money is not Money It is happy... Money is Not money It is faith... Money is not Money It is friend... Money is not Money It is life maker... Money is not Money... It is your hard work... Money is not Money... poors god... money is not Money Rich people Cap... Money is not Money World wide all... Any or many thing money With money... So... Love the money... Each every day... Earn too enjoy with your's life... witrh good...!

  3. Money

    money can be power many people become inslave to the almighty dollar it fuels an economy it ends an nation brings pleasure to oneself brings pain to onesself it causes desperration and sets chains to oneself indivduals inject the money dope into there vains to bring them happiness but it leaves them insane people who lack it want it people who have it want more money is infatuation it can bring you sex from a whore but it blinds you from the ones you should adore it affects brain it brings stress to your state of mind, it leaves your head with a receeded hair line it pollutes the world because money is toxicity, it causes you to over eat and it leaves you with obesity it can be a stab in the back a kick in the ass, it can leave you in the street wishin you were in the past it produces greed it plants the seed of something you cant live without and something you need it speaks every language and its never ignored, we give money to the church because they say its for the lord thats bullshit, if in worship we are the performers, and God is the audience that we see, shouldnt worship be free? survival of the fittest in this time people are working from 9 to 5 for the nickel dime a cancer in society a false form piety a fake form of religion shared by the royalty with an undying loyalty without it you have fear of where are you going to be next year gives you a sense of importance that you can sit but really your nothing but a piece of shit money creates a nation that divides within a class you reside with the rules that you have to abide before you know it you have died. murder, genocide, for piece of paper, it comes and goes and evaporates like a vapor its a big chip on your back its should be the number one cause of death not a heart attack it can give a new hope if your stuck but, without it your fucked moneys history has a beginning and a rise to fame many have died in its name the way we grope over it we should feel ashamed because of it my older brother is lost in its game black mexican asian caucasian money is the form of our persuasion maybe one day wil see that theres more to life that can be but i know until then, i know that my life isnt free.

  4. 'Rich Without Money'

    We see the super stars with all their bling and fancy cars, with thier hair silky and long, most times not thier own We watch in awe as thier money pile up which is fine, but then their problems are larger than ours The red carpet they proudly walk, of foriegn places they smoothly talk, exotic as it seems it's only thier dreams, we have them too maybe in a strange way, they have already come true Anyone not in a designer's dress will surley be described as a hot mess, The men dress in the best, thier main objective is to impress How can one be happy wiithout being wealthy? good question, well start first with being grateful for what you have, make yourself happy not so mad, stop really, and smell some roses, do something memoriable like Moses We're blessed, to be alive it's time we know it see you don't have to be on the 'A List' to fit in honey, see it is possible to be ' Rich Without Money' Copyright: 2005