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* Graduation Robes - Poem by Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

He he he
Passed my degree.

Who ever thought I could.
Who ever thought I would.

Wearing trencher, gown and robes.
Wearing ceremonial academic clothes.

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

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  1. First Graduation Ceremony At Irt Pmc

    With cap and gown And scroll in your hand, You’ve joined an elite band: A full-blown Doc! The world needs you To serve the sick; A noble duty you must do And keep aflame the wick. The world is large And so its challenges; Ahead you charge; Time will solve all problems. And never forget Your Alma Mater- The place that made you A Doctor. And think awhile About your teachers too; They did a job fine that All couldn’t do. Remember friends, You’re a noble lot; Keep your Ethics, And reach the top slot. “Wish you a bright career! ” Copyright by Dr John Celes 11-11-2005

  2. Graduation From A Love Poem

    perhaps it is true too much love can kill in love poems too got much and now reading another love poem gives me goose bumps sometimes i think making the love poem and another love poem simply shows your having not loved much and your being not loved in return love more and even if unrequited love some more get up from a loving fall cure that bruise mend that broken heart love still even when the world has learned the art of indifference and hate more than any other takes time to learn to do this to know that love is giving and giving and giving and then after years of this kind of loving and giving you will experience what i had gone through now the love poem doesn't tickle anymore nature does the waves of the sea caressed by the hands of twilight the moon nesting on the marsh the grasses all wet with dew the clouds pregnant with the blows of the wind the gentle rain falling on the roof tops the geese on their v-flight the fledgling jumping from the nest to learn to fly you see, this is what i am engrossed in now. a beautiful world that i have not described well enough.

  3. Upon Her Graduation...

    Upon her graduation from law school i see that picture her husband beside her and the (adopted) child wrapped in her arms time mends everything like a grafted branch of a tree the leaves grew from buds and soon the flowers bloom giving its sweet scent to the air for everyone to smell the force of life knows always where to go what to do what to fill up and when no one notices anyhow the smiles cover what once was very lacking....

  4. Graduation

    Look upon a finished life. There's nothing left recalled. One Life it's graduation. Black gown and cap to large.