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Poems About: CRAZY

In this page, poems on / about “crazy” are listed.

  • 25.
    Driven Crazy or Crazy Driven

    Are you driven crazy or crazy driven?
    Are you driven by what people say OR are you crazy driven by an awesome day.

    Are you driven crazy after a big fight OR crazy driven by a long night read more »

    Shauntae Taylor
  • 26.
    My heart is born because of you

    When you look at me with your smiles
    My heart beats like a crazy
    When you touch my hand with your warmth
    My body shake like a crazy read more »

    Zaw Myat Htoo
  • 27.
    Its CraZzy

    read more »

    veronica Montiel
  • 28.
    Crazy Enough

    I was crazy enough to jump off a bridge for you?
    Even when I have seen you only once.?
    But you let me down
    I am mad enough to still be thinking about you? read more »

    Sophia Engel
  • 29.

    In a whirlwind of numbness,
    there is nothing but madness

    this pen is my release, read more »

    rachel kathleen moses
  • 30.
    Isnt It Crazy

    isn't it crazy how
    you cant see things right in front of your eyes
    isn't it crazy how
    love always seems to slowly die read more »

    mers muniz
  • 31.

    As crazy as life is
    and lifes pretty crazy
    sunshine shining
    I feel crazy lately read more »

    Tyler Stafford
  • 32.
    crazy i think not

    all alone in this crazy home trapped in this room
    no one here to talk too

    but what i hear a whisperin soul read more »

    elena winters
  • 33.
    crazy animal

    there once was a crazy animal
    that liked to roll in a ball

    then one fall read more »

    Erik martin
  • 34.
    Am I Crazy?

    Am I crazy?
    Yes, i'm crazy
    The craziness flow
    in my heart read more »

    Hana 1225
  • 35.
    Crazy Progress

    No Quarters
    Just a card
    'This is crazy' He says
    'It's not crazy' I say read more »

    Noemi Lee
  • 36.
    Crazy - a Filk Song

    Yes. I. Am. Crazy crazy crazy and I’m winter
    I wear the blacks and whites and reds and greens and blue.

    They. Say. You're. Crazy crazy crazy and I love you read more »

    S. Amina Sackinger
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