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For Christmas Day - Poem by Charles Wesley

Hark, how all the welkin rings,
"Glory to the King of kings;
Peace on earth, and mercy mild,
God and sinners reconcil'd!"

Joyful, all ye nations, rise,
Join the triumph of the skies;
Universal nature say,
"Christ the Lord is born to-day!"

Christ, by highest Heaven ador'd,
Christ, the everlasting Lord:
Late in time behold him come,
Offspring of a virgin's womb!

Veil'd in flesh, the Godhead see,
Hail th' incarnate Deity!
Pleas'd as man with men to appear,
Jesus, our Immanuel here!

Hail, the heavenly Prince of Peace,
Hail, the Sun of Righteousness!
Light and life to all he brings,
Risen with healing in his wings.

Mild he lays his glory by,
Born that man no more may die;
Born to raise the sons of earth;
Born to give them second birth.

Come, desire of nations, come,
Fix in us thy humble home;
Rise, the woman's conquering seed,
Bruise in us the serpent's head.

Now display thy saving power,
Ruin'd nature now restore;
Now in mystic union join
Thine to ours, and ours to thine.

Adam's likeness, Lord, efface,
Stamp thy image in its place.
Second Adam from above,
Reinstate us in thy love.

Let us thee, though lost, regain,
Thee, the life, the inner man:
O, to all thyself impart,
Form'd in each believing heart.

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  1. Modern Love Xxiii: 'Tis Christmas Weather

    'Tis Christmas weather, and a country house Receives us: rooms are full: we can but get An attic-crib. Such lovers will not fret At that, it is half-said. The great carouse Knocks hard upon the midnight's hollow door, But when I knock at hers, I see the pit. Why did I come here in that dullard fit? I enter, and lie couched upon the floor. Passing, I caught the coverlet's quick beat:-- Come, Shame, burn to my soul! and Pride, and Pain-- Foul demons that have tortured me, enchain! Out in the freezing darkness the lambs bleat. The small bird stiffens in the low starlight. I know not how, but shuddering as I slept, I dreamed a banished angel to me crept: My feet were nourished on her breasts all night.

  2. The Christmas Goose

    Mr. Smiggs was a gentleman, And he lived in London town; His wife she was a good kind soul, And seldom known to frown. 'Twas on Christmas eve, And Smiggs and his wife lay cosy in bed, When the thought of buying a goose Came into his head. So the next morning, Just as the sun rose, He jump'd out of bed, And he donn'd his clothes, Saying, "Peggy, my dear. You need not frown, For I'll buy you the best goose In all London town." So away to the poultry shop he goes, And bought the goose, as he did propose, And for it he paid one crown, The finest, he thought, in London town. When Smiggs bought the goose He suspected no harm, But a naughty boy stole it From under his arm. Then Smiggs he cried, "Stop, thief! Come back with my goose!" But the naughty boy laugh'd at him, And gave him much abuse. But a policeman captur'd the naughty boy, And gave the goose to Smiggs, And said he was greatly bother'd By a set of juvenile prigs. So the naughty boy was put in prison For stealing the goose., And got ten days' confinement Before he got loose. So Smiggs ran home to his dear Peggy, Saying, "Hurry, and get this fat goose ready, That I have bought for one crown; So, my darling, you need not frown." "Dear Mr Smiggs, I will not frown: I'm sure 'tis cheap for one crown, Especially at Christmas time -- Oh! Mr Smiggs, it's really fine." "Peggy. it is Christmas time, So let us drive dull care away, For we have got a Christmas goose, So cook it well, I pray. "No matter how the poor are clothed, Or if they starve at home, We'll drink our wine, and eat our goose, Aye, and pick it to the bone."

  3. Christmas In Australia

    O DAY, the crown and crest of all the year! Thou comest not to us amid the snows, But midmost of the reign of the red rose; Our hearts have not yet lost the ancient cheer That filled our fathers’ simple hearts when sere The leaves fell, and the winds of Winter froze The waters wan, and carols at the close Of yester-eve sang the Child Christ anear. And so we hail thee with a greeting high, And drain to thee a draught of our own wine, Forgetful not beneath this bluer sky Of that old mother-land beyond the brine, Whose gray skies gladden as thou drawest nigh, O day of God’s good-will the seal and sign!

  4. (724) Christmas With All The Little Children

    All you little children gather round. Let’s sing beautiful Christmas songs. Take your bells and chime away, we celebrate Christmas here today. Now raise your hands if you know the reason, we celebrate this colorful season. One, two, three, four, oh my, more and more. You all deserve a great big score. Now, let’s think a moment of our sweet Jesus. Why we know he’ll never leave us. He gave his life upon the cross, we would live, not become lost. Today we celebrate his precious birth, while he watches over us here on earth. Clap your hands rejoice for all to see. Keep Jesus in your hearts infin-ite-ly. Written: Dec.10/06