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I Want And Feel I Need To Deal With The Subject Of Money! I Said In A Quote, Which You Can Find On Searchquotes.Com, That ''money Is A Necessary Evil That Is No Longer Necessary...

I want and feel I need to deal with the subject of money! I said in a quote, which you can find on, that ''Money is a necessary evil that is no longer necessary! '' That means that money, due to the capitalistic construct that men have created and currently live in, is necessary! But relative to nature, how she has provided for us bountifully, we don't need a system of money! There's enough resources for everyone to have and enjoy! One of the sins of Communism, as we find in certain forms of Communism, is to think to fix men on a certain income! That is, to think that if, for instance, $50,000 was the fixed income, as we currently see it [the value of $50,000, that is, which is ever-changing or inconstant] everybody should be bound to that! And another sin or evil, as we see in the Bible with the phrase the ''love of money'', which in Greek is actually one word, ''philarguria'', is our attachment to money! Our desire to sustain the system or process of money! To continue circulating money! To lift up, promote, or teach [with an eternal sustaining intent] the system, game or business of money! The very word for money used in this Greek phrase for money which is commonly only thought to mean silver, actually means cost, price, worth or value. There's a related term in Sanskrit [to the Greek word] used for money! ''argha'', which means ''cost, price, worth, or value''! And this value or cost or price or worth is a made-up worth, cost, price or value! Actually when we think of the word invent, which etymologically is related to the word or term money, has/can have a fictitious connotation! The word invent comes from the Latin ''in'' and ''venire'', which means ''income.'' Money or income is a fictitious man-made invention! It is that which ''comes in''! in to your bank account! into your mind! Into your homes! Into your lifestyle, etc.! And there is a reason why the Greek word ''arguros'' has a ''u'' or Greek ''upsilon'' in it! Because the Greek upsilon, which derives from or is related to the Canaanite/Hebrew ''Vav'' which is a nail, has to do with being attached to something! And also, a nail can be looked as something that adds! When a house is being built nails are added to boards, for instance, to build and help sustain the house! So increasing or expanding money, which we sometimes do with its value'', is apart of money and the love of money! The term ''philos'', the Greek word for love, was bound to be attached to money, since of course money itself is rooted in attachment, something we must be attached to in order for it to exist! or sustained! That of course doesn't mean silver doesn't exist, or that paper doesn't exist, but the value we give to it as a definite or ever-changing thing, it's cost or price or worth is the made-up intention or value! The falsity or false thing! Money is like a life-saving ship when the current of water or water sailed on is somewhat controlled by a machine or system built in or together with the water and the boat is the only thing that will save you, or you think will save you, from death or drowning! And it is no wonder that the Chaldean the word ''Argha'' means a life-saving ship! And referring back to a nail, as it is related the current point, a nail also has to do with security, being that it provides a fixed position for the boards on the wall/for the make-up of the wall! or sustainment or existence of or as the house! And it is also no wonder that the word ''leg'' found in ''legalism'' is related to the Latin word for currency, ''currere''! Which means ''to run a race or course''! Leg actually in the verb tense means to ''walk or run... a race or course''! Legalism is a quick or fast moving system! It moves at a fast rate! The operation, production, and or circulation [thereof]! As we see a course is a ''circle''! related to ''circulation''. When you begin a race the time is at a low number but as you make a lap or circle the time has increased! And that is what legalism is, the increasing the value, difference, circulation or procurement of money! So whatever in the legal or false-money making business has to do with money, including you and I, or our so-called value, is and has to do with money! And likewise you see with the English word ledger, deriving from the Latin legger, or ''leg''-ger, is a book where money transactions are recorded in the form of debit/s and/ credit/s! But we must not forget, as the Bible states, ''a man is worthy of his wages''. And although earth is free [in truth, and we should be able to freely enjoy and give without the expense of injuring ourselves, and could, and will], since we are attached to capitalism, the great evil head or mind, or our relation to it, it is only natural for a man to want money [to see it as befitting for enjoyment] since money [or what he thinks of or as money] is the medium for resources! There's a guy, supposed guy, who sent me a message on PH, speaking about his distraught condition for writing poems, that he would basically find more enthusiasm if he were making money for writing poems! Now in a prior thought years back on Poemhunter I spoke of a similar truth/thought that poets deserve money or some reward for their wages, or works of writing [if they choose and rightly so] for writing or creating poems! That is in relation to capitalism and also to the income or condition of poets! It is easy for people who are rich or very well-to-do in the capitalistic construct to claim they only write poems for free and they don't want money for it! Currently as you can see with me I'm writing poems for free and it appears the individual who messaged me is also based off his words or testimony! Now, do we really need money to have more enthusiasm to write? Not necessarily, based off the mind frame, health, resources, security, etc. of the individual! But since we attach, and reasonably so, money to resources it's only right that a man would believe [to some degree in his mind and heart] that money brings enthusiasm to writing! or more enthusiasm! Whether or not his motives were true or to trap me based off of having some history of something I said, and whether or not he's working with others, I won't suffer whatever insanity could be of it because I live in heaven, paradise or world peace! That said, we must also consider the words of Paine, who said ''Commerce diminishes the spirit both of patriotism and military defense! '' Commerce/legalism/the game or business of money stops the work of or fight for world peace! It sort of relaxes or settles men's mind with the contentment of the business which is a fracture and distortion of or to the true freedom, happiness, worth, value, enjoyment, happiness, or peace! It kills or weakens the enthusiasm or god-force of energy and passion to bring about the perfect state of world peace! To protect men's right/s for world peace as well as their own! World peace is the state where we can and will live like Jesus said in the Bible, ''Freely ye have received, [so] freely give! '' It is a reason why the Bible says [in Ecclesiastes 7: 7] ''...a gift destroyeth the heart.'' Money, or the system of money, [to some degree] destroys or hurts or injures the will, mind, heart, passion, determination, and/or focus of moving or working towards or living in the truth! Fully, that is! Perfectly, that is! Rightly, that is! And the highest and or complete state! which is of course world peace! Money and the securities of money to some degree hurts all people in the mission! I personally enjoy writing/typing quotes/poems at my current state whether or not I am given money, as the individual claims of himself too, but also it would be great and a better fit in many areas to be provided with certain luxuries that would make the enthusiasm in certain areas and the precision or efficiency of writing poems and the affect/effect of them for not only oneself but for others if aided with resources, or the medium which provides in the man-made system or mental thought or idea for those resources! for those technological enjoyments! which all are apart of nature! and no generalizing can deter the fakeness of natural paper/goods/resources/services etc. made to be a definite, fixed, changing, ever-changing, or increased or decreased value of assets or income! or of assets or income, etc.! A relative fiction if you will/is what it is [if you will]! made to appear true or real under the guise of what is real! Attaching its fake self to the real to become real in the fake-thought process of man! And closing, at least for now, in this poem, I want to also add and finish with people who are countering my poems, every poem, some of the poems, few of the poems, and or many poems, you yourselves are battling your own sickness! I move how I'm led and inspired! Rarely ever do I look or go on the front page of PH, or ownquotes, because in my inspiration it has become unrelative! I enjoy writing or typing poems and I see my thoughts and works as most interesting! And since I hold all knowledge or possess to some degree and to every degree all knowledge I don't necessarily have to look at anyone's poems for growth or advancement in my truth! However, since I have seen people in the past counter, and very recently one time in a while I went on the front page after having searched for a quote/poem of mine and seeing someone connected to the search page for my quote/poem write what appeared to be a counter to one of my recent poems I also seen another person actually, clearly, definitely in many and to some degree all degrees counter or attempt to counter or show strong disapproval for one of my poems! And as always, I was still in peace! And I naturally overlooked or skipped in the view those who I knew, had known, or innately know, were people who countered my poems! It is no obligation of mine to look at your poems on the front page! or quotes on the front page! unless of course I'm inspired! And everything I say is relative to time, certain times, and beyond time which you probably, most likely, can't, don't [and or don't] possibly think you can fathom or think! It is no wonder you who have been thinking you've been winning some sick and funny game in your own minds keep being amazed how I continuously write, submit, type or send poems! and in an unaffected or undistraught way! [And before joining PoemHunter, the first time, my searches were for the classical or older poets, as Shakespeare, Paine, Bacon, Byron, Angelou, ... Lowell, etc. They were at that time and even much later a main or primary focus of interest. But of course I'm so infatuated with myself and intelligence that I rarely look at any of theirs, which doesn't mean I won't look at theirs or yours in the future! We'll, and I'll, have to see! ha-ha! ] That said, peace to you and yours! Another perfect day in paradise! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

Topic(s) of this poem: evil, good, heart, intention, knowledge, mind, money, realization, thinking , truth

Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 11, 2018
Poem Edited: Sunday, March 11, 2018

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had to resubmit a second time and sign in again on ph which took a while, short but long while! 8: 00 AM would have been or about the time of the first submittal/or attempted submittal!

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