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Human Life Is All In One!

Is life just mathematics or dance or research or money or power or art only?
If it is so, it is like art for art's sake suitable for artist only but not for world life!
Art for art's sake is meaningless, if it is not useful for world life to live well;
Arts and other things are necessary, but they are all not whole life for one!

One plus one is equal to two in mathematics, but three or more in life!
Dance is for forgetting worries or for entertainment, but not necessary for full life;
Research is to find cause to find a way to cure disease, but not an endless work;
More than intelligence, wisdom is necessary to decide about thing to proceed on it!

Some good for nothing ones take up some course of education as there is no other go;
Also, if they get jobs, they may feel elated and proud to the extent of being adamant;
This kind of status makes them disrespectful towards others not
knowing superiority of others;
If they insult others not understanding and trusting others, they are isolated as idiots!

Life is not just one subject only, but all subjects in one to explore full for completion;
Life becomes perfect by the union of love and knowledge to enjoy freedom
To feel real joy in order to get satisfaction, fulfilment and peace in world life;
Mere successful ones are not wise and unsuccessful ones are not fools!

Topic(s) of this poem: life

Poem Submitted: Monday, August 21, 2017

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