Friday, January 3, 2003

Dream Deferred Comments

Rating: 4.2
What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--


Langston Hughes
E Cook 09 December 2008
I always thought this poem was called 'A Dream Deferred', but its actually called 'Harlem.' One of my favorites...
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Tierra B. 23 September 2008
This was the first poem i ever memorized. He has such a way with words that make you think of deeper meanings to the words.
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Daniel Ronan 05 September 2008
This poem is great because it is timeless. Langston Hughes probably wrote it about something specific he was feeling, but it can be applied to so many different things other than that.
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Erik Lee 31 August 2008
I love how all the metaphors relate to something in nature that happens naturally. Natural tension, hm...
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Jjjjjj Ggggggggggg 25 July 2008
i think the title of this poem is harlem! ! ! thats what I think..
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Sun Sun 04 July 2008
The repitition makes me feel a good way. It gives me a sense of like building up. Sun Sun
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Coll B. Lue 13 March 2008
The reference to food and then the stench of dreams 'deferred' and festering sores are very evocative imageries.
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Kat V 07 March 2008
The similes are incredibly illustrative of the feelings a person has when his or her dreams go unfilled-for whatever reason-in life.
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Quiet . 03 March 2008
man this poem is koo i can understand what hes tryin to say i got big dreams and dis poem jus makes me want to stay focused on them..... cuz im drrrrrrreeeeaaaaminnnnn like Keyshia Cole and Young Jeezy say
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Blue angel Florida 16 February 2008
Thank you for sharing! Where are my dreams? ? ? ?
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Dee Travillion 01 November 2007
What a hauntingly beautifully scripted poem! The imagery in this personified poem is indeed, not unlike the ending - explosive!
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Brian Dorn 18 July 2006
Its interesting how Hughes suggests literal and concrete reactions to a figurative and intangible notion. It certainly catches your attention and gets you thinking.
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Matt Cheplic 01 March 2006
This poem is an excellent example of how an economical number of words can be used to great effect. Since the poem is a cautionary tale - essentially warning that desire delayed is desire denied - it was wise for Hughes to get to the 'punchline' quickly. The word 'explode' is perfect, hinting at the boiling point a soul can reach when not satisfied.
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Jessica Ross 10 February 2005
this is a great way to start off a book as it did in ' a raisin in the sun.' it explores the different possibilities that can happen when a dream is laid to rest for a while.
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