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Am I dreaming of summer or the cold night of december?
The growing thrill deep within
which hither in mine soul reigns
Avery Eglantine poet by Avery Eglantine
on 7/18/2014
The Green Flash lll
An apron-ed keep leaned idly behind the bar till his services were needed.
Because the annex was built over a slope there was a ravine at its base
Morgan Michaels poet by Morgan Michaels
on 7/18/2014
Sous-tendre l'ensemble
Sous-tendre l'ensemble. Bruit. Nous c'est-à-dire l'autre et moi. Quelque part les mots avancent masqués. Qu'est-ce que c'est? Un rai de lumière.
Eric Dubois poet by Eric Dubois
on 7/18/2014
कहाँ लगती है देर.. kahan lagti hai
कहाँ लगती है देर
ये तेरी कहानी
hasmukh amathalal poet by hasmukh amathalal
on 7/18/2014
Absolute Love
Every woman has a love so
absolute that the love
Cyndi K. Encinares Gacosta poet by Cyndi K. Encinares Gacosta
on 7/18/2014
today i went a bike ride
in a lightning storm
lee fones poet by lee fones
on 7/18/2014
The Poem For Shabbat
The poem for Shabbat
Shalom Freedman poet by Shalom Freedman
on 7/18/2014
Today's young dynamic prospect sight far
Farer and wider than river Nile
momodou jarju poet by momodou jarju
on 7/18/2014
We Have at Least One Story to Share
Happy birthday to the great Men and Women,
Who are now residing in a better place.
Hebert Logerie poet by Hebert Logerie
on 7/18/2014
Fascist Dykes
Lovely Michèle Bennett needed Haitian money to help many others
who had fallen on hard times by caring for sexy, enfeebled mothers
Richard Thripp poet by Richard Thripp
on 7/18/2014
Let me go and Set me free
They think that I am stranded
They think that I am sad
Khushbeen Kaur poet by Khushbeen Kaur
on 7/18/2014
Only Chance
I've always believed
in so many lives
Maya Hanson (mye3 poet) poet by Maya Hanson (mye3 poet)
on 7/18/2014
Poll: Obama - Nation's Worst President….Ever
At the end...we'll evaluated
By the lives..we've lived..on this earth
James B. Earley poet by James B. Earley
on 7/18/2014
Sitting by the fire
as the evening sighs
Liilia Talts Morrison poet by Liilia Talts Morrison
on 7/18/2014
Passing By...
The time we talk on phone waiting long to meet,
The moment when we meet and love each other so deep,
Sayli Satam poet by Sayli Satam
on 7/18/2014
Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight
Slowly England's sun was setting o'er the hilltops far away,
Filling all the land with beauty at the close of one sad day;
Rose Hartwick Thorpe poet by Rose Hartwick Thorpe
on 7/18/2014
The minute I might lose you forever
We are very very far
We were never close
noctiluca scintillans poet by noctiluca scintillans
on 7/18/2014
A Rose In Pain
It may or may not appear to you as a rose
A rose is in pain
Rohit Sapra poet by Rohit Sapra
on 7/18/2014
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