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Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
veeraiyah subbulakshmi poet Karma of Jesus of Nazareth.. by veeraiyah subbulakshmi Veteran Poet - 2,930 Points
You were not spared of your karma Jesus,
When you were born as the son of a virgin lass,
8.67 4
Philo Yan poet HEART PAIN by Philo Yan Rookie - 495 Points
I share your pain
Through pain you gain
0.00 0
hasmukh amathalal poet love makes by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 18,433 Points
I got no where
She was somewhere here
9.50 4
Pranab K. Chakraborty poet Signal by Pranab K. Chakraborty Freshman - 2,113 Points
a nice cold evening
signaling to close the window
5.00 1
katusiime jeresi poet This Love Ain't Worth A Fight by katusiime jeresi Rookie - 59 Points
This love ain't worth a fight
its worth the third world war.
0.00 1
Aziz Akrish poet Full Grief (Sad poem dedicated to my cousin who died) by Aziz Akrish Rookie - 222 Points
Time is running and I am walking,
I write this with full- grief,
0.00 1
Suresh Dogra poet First Blush by Suresh Dogra Rookie - 615 Points
A spark of love
Lit up my soul
10.00 1
Palas Kumar Ray poet Explaining absence by Palas Kumar Ray Rookie - 183 Points
Not that I don't want to go.
Not that.
0.00 1
Michael P. Johnson poet NATURE REGARDING by Michael P. Johnson Rookie - 986 Points
Ere caterpillars come to die
They'll oft hang on a tree
0.00 0
Babbling Brookes poet Cold Turkey by Babbling Brookes Rookie - 503 Points
The turkey the celebration bird
Whose gobble sounds quite absurd.
0.00 2
Md. Asadullah poet Strings of hope by Md. Asadullah Veteran Poet - 3,419 Points
Neither standing on any pillar;
Nor fastened with any rope;
10.00 5
Md. Asadullah poet Favour of God by Md. Asadullah Veteran Poet - 3,419 Points
Their path so smooth.
Their destination so near;
10.00 4
Neela Nath poet Blessed We Are by Neela Nath Bronze Star - 6,073 Points
My motherland gives me
The taste of every season.
9.50 3
Luo Zhihai poet Miss you, my hometown by Luo Zhihai Rookie - 741 Points
★Miss You, My Hometown
☆Poem by Beifangpiaoxue [China]
10.00 1
Valsa George poet Simple Verse.18.Reparation by Valsa George Gold Star - 12,028 Points
Like heavy boots on empty streets
His harsh words rang in my ears
10.00 14
Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken poet Wind by Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken Rookie - 663 Points
I would like to be
like the wind
9.00 0
Swrji Basumatary poet Angni by Swrji Basumatary Rookie - 285 Points
Angni mwnse sima gwiywi raoua
Nwngni gwsaou
0.00 0
Hazel Durham poet Touched By An Angel by Hazel Durham Veteran Poet - 2,750 Points
She feels his strong presence,
On star filled nights,
10.00 3
Waltz For Zizi poet A Response To Your Letters by Waltz For Zizi Rookie - 507 Points
Your letters change so little.
I hoped that if you know me
0.00 2
Megan Colligan poet Listen by Megan Colligan Rookie - 16 Points
Everything has a sound
Silence's is golden
0.00 0
Swrji Basumatary poet Swmkhe by Swrji Basumatary Rookie - 285 Points
Udangsri mwnkhangnanwibw dinwi
Bharot bimani mohora swmkhe..! !
0.00 0
Naveed Khalid poet Touch-me-not by Naveed Khalid Freshman - 1,710 Points
Far, far away from out of sight,
I sit still unmoved by what I write
0.00 0
Naveed Khalid poet Santa Claus by Naveed Khalid Freshman - 1,710 Points
Not in grandiose of that horizon in deep azure,
what lies buried in a gift box of modern electra,
0.00 0
Soumita Sarkar Ray poet Holiday by Soumita Sarkar Ray Rookie - 779 Points
A pine tall in a range
is but a reminder of age
0.00 0
Jacqueline C Nash poet Friendly Robin by Jacqueline C Nash Freshman - 1,203 Points
Whilst digging in the garden,
deep in thought and activity,
0.00 1
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