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True Love
Many attractive people I do meet,
Many beautiful characters too,
Holly Moon poet by Holly Moon
on 10/18/2014
2014, अक्टबर जि डाइन
जालांबाय दिनैनि
Shri R Brahma poet by Shri R Brahma
on 10/18/2014
Let me go to the king
Let me go to the king
Some rice I have to bring.
gajanan mishra poet by gajanan mishra
on 10/18/2014
Ghazal 4: That Charming Turk
Should that charming Turk of Shiraz win my soul
Samarkand and Bukhara, I will barter for her mole
Hafiz of Shiraz poet by Hafiz of Shiraz
on 10/18/2014
My name is Ebola. And officially you'd be most wise to fea..
By Stanley Collymore
My name is Ebola, and to all intents and purposes it seems that
Stanley Collymore poet by Stanley Collymore
on 10/18/2014
Ghazal 3: This Hope I Cherish
Who to the sultan's men this request will convey
'As a king by God's leave, send not this beggar away? '
Hafiz of Shiraz poet by Hafiz of Shiraz
on 10/18/2014
This jungle of words.
Fear, like a badger
Satish Verma poet by Satish Verma
on 10/18/2014
Ghazal 2: Maiden Kiss
I pine away. Sages, plead with God for my woe
Alas, my secret pain, the world is soon to know
Hafiz of Shiraz poet by Hafiz of Shiraz
on 10/18/2014
Celebration in Avocation
Do the best in your profession
Try to give to all kind cushion
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman poet by Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman
on 10/18/2014
Limerick: The Food, the Dad, and the Rugby
There was a young dad from Southampton,
and to the rugby match he took his son.
Kim Barney poet by Kim Barney
on 10/18/2014
Crystal Beads
These crystal beads are all I need
For a moment in time they set me free
Katherine Nordhaus poet by Katherine Nordhaus
on 10/18/2014
Ghazal 1: O Saki!
O Saki! Pass around and offer the cup, for
Love which seemed easy makes uneasy lore
Hafiz of Shiraz poet by Hafiz of Shiraz
on 10/18/2014
Limerick: Not Mini-Apolis
There was a young lad from St. Paul
Who was so exceedingly tall
Kim Barney poet by Kim Barney
on 10/18/2014
Can i be
can i be happy
tsholofelo phakathi poet by tsholofelo phakathi
on 10/18/2014
Limerick: Don't go out on a limb, Rick
There was a young fellow named Rick
whose girth was exceedingly thick.
Kim Barney poet by Kim Barney
on 10/18/2014
Where all draw rainbows in the blue sky
Ran all around the world
exhausted, writing poems
arun tp poet by arun tp
on 10/18/2014
Mai Kisi Kaam Ka Nahi
Mai jo bhi kahu woh ho jata hai galat..
teri kahi har baat nikalti hai sahi..
Anup Verma poet by Anup Verma
on 10/18/2014
It's Beautiful
You are a most beautiful human being
If you love yourself.
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet by Asit Kumar Sanyal
on 10/18/2014
Police Sirens Haiku
walking home alone...
the sound of police sirens
Chenou Liu poet by Chenou Liu
on 10/18/2014
The City-At Night
Awake at night
Lights sparkling bright
Mitzie Holstein poet by Mitzie Holstein
on 10/18/2014
Seed of love sown earlier
I looked upon her with a colleague's eye
When I had worked with her for a year.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar. poet by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
on 10/18/2014
Tokens of Love
What gift can I give her in token of my love?
It should be something most women think of!
Omar Osman Jabak poet by Omar Osman Jabak
on 10/18/2014
Canção do Hidrógrafo
Se marcares, ao largo, o lampejo
De um farol a marcar o caminho
Kim Barney poet by Kim Barney
on 10/18/2014
Stability of Soul
Soul seeks to be stable and glad
Like every matter in this world
kassem oude poet by kassem oude
on 10/18/2014
Gladiator Carmine
Red river exploding round the boats,
As red as the sunset expanding,
Stan Petrovich poet by Stan Petrovich
on 10/18/2014
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