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Kelly Kurt poet Goosebumps (Tanka) by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 52,077 Points
Ancestral vestige
Hair stands erect on impulse
Richard Allen Beevor poet The Ice Maiden's Spell: A Collaboration With The Poet Apri.. by Richard Allen Beevor Veteran Poet - 1,770 Points
Tis a wicked spell from this maiden fell
dangerous tales tell of this icy belle
Charles Hice poet For The Living by Charles Hice Rookie
for the living
charlax appreciation for the readers
Raymond Sawyer poet Where There Happiness For There Is Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 19,012 Points
When there sun shine smile for the sun has touch once heart with the touch of respect thus every min the one feel he warm smile for one see the sun an
Frank Davis, Sr. poet Philosophy Digested by Frank Davis, Sr. Gold Star - 10,453 Points
Pure spirituality is soul-deep recognition
that love created All; a conviction endlessly
Liza Sud poet Duel With You - Is What I Pine For, by Liza Sud Gold Star - 11,736 Points
Duel with you - is what I pine for,
hide and seek with you I will play,
Cheonsa Hall poet The Painter In Sheer Colour. by Cheonsa Hall Rookie - 57 Points
Dressed in white sheer house coat she had splodges of paint all over it & her body.
Looking like she was battered & bruised with greens to purple red
Raymond Sawyer poet For One Who Feel The Touch Of Resect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 19,012 Points
Here on a lovely night for the moon light and yet every min that one wish to see the moon light the more one wish for the touch of respect just to fee
nicola burkett poet A Hero (Mark Ii) by nicola burkett Rookie - 182 Points
A hero is born from love
A hero is born from courage
Medusa Waves poet Nothing Is Forever by Medusa Waves Rookie - 168 Points
Wherever I may stray, far and miles away, you’re the ocean that beckons me to shore
Wherever you may root-amoung mountains, along bays, I’ll always h
Melati Hussein poet Meandering Hope by Melati Hussein Rookie - 310 Points
Hope isn't usually something
that suddenly jumps out
mai venn poet Boom, Boom, Boom by mai venn Veteran Poet - 1,294 Points
The boom is back for the wealthy of our land
The news is kept quite to keep the upper hand
Michael P. McParland poet Beautiful Days With You by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 28,984 Points
Thoughts and dreams of beautiful days
with you my Angel true are what fill
Armistead Lindsey poet Amour Et Desamour by Armistead Lindsey Freshman - 716 Points
Amour et desamour,
Describes our relation,
Raymond Sawyer poet The Angels That Fill A Heart With Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 19,012 Points
When the day is so beautiful and yet one can feel the warmth the sun that shine for every touch of the sun for one feel a warm smile that touch a rose
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